"I wanted to become an acupuncturist because I had experienced its amazing benefits.

Deciding to take on this journey was like one of those moments when your perceptual intuition is so clear that you genuinely know what you need to do deep inside you. Thus I granted that calling and never looked back since then.

After comprehensive research about all the major acupuncture colleges in the UK I choose CICM. The course is accredited by Kingston university and it gives the course a great deal of accountability. CICM has a great location. Reading is a beautiful and buzzing town and it’s only 25 minutes from London.

The staff and teachers at CICM are super helpful and friendly. Every student has a personal tutor and they are a great help whenever you need that extra support throughout your studies. It’s a very supportive and caring environment and everyone genuinely wants you to flourish and when I started it felt like I had found the right place to transpire and grow. You meet people at CICM from different walks of life and they all have an exciting story to tell.

The course has exceeded my expectations. Studying acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is not just another university course. It’s the wisdom and a lifestyle that has been around for thousands of years. It has helped me to grow massively in my personal and professional life and I’m living and applying its profound wisdom in my daily life which is a helping me to be a better person. Six months before joining CICM I was crossing the North Atlantic Ocean on a classic sailing yacht but studying acupuncture at CICM was one of the best decisions in my life."

Ehsan Salout

Open days



Understandably, there has been some concern over the Coronavirus and what that means for the college. We have to balance keeping the college running with the interests of everyone’s health.

In light of recent developments we have decided to close the college to student’s and prospective student’s for the time being.  All lessons will go ahead online, but we will not be running the next open day until 6th June 2020.  We want you to know that we are following matters closely and will of course keep you updated if this changes. 



Browsing our website will give you a first taste of what it’s like to study at the college.  Ultimately nothing beats coming to an open day. This will give you a valuable insight into what it’s like to study with us and what makes our course unique.  


Saturday 6 June 2020 - 1.30 pm-5.00 pm
Saturday 18 July 2020 - 1.30pm to 5pm


To reserve a place on our open day or request a more convenient time please fill in the form below or call us on 0118 950 8880


Open day agenda


At the open day Angela Hicks, joint principal, explains how the college was established and what it’s like to study for your acupuncture degree and what sets us apart from other colleges.  


John Hicks, president, talks about what it’s like to be an acupuncturist and why we are so passionate about integrating five element acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 


Peter Mole, dean, explains about the support and supervision we offer while you’re studying with us, how you are assessed and why research is important.  He also talks about how we help you prepare for setting up your own business, making a living from acupuncture and being part of the wider acupuncture profession. 


There is also plenty of time to have a tour of our buildings and get your questions answered.  It’s also your chance to try out some practical skills as we introduce you to what the pulse and tongue can tell you about someone’s health.  There is time for a tea break and an opportunity to talk to the registrar, Karen Starr and meet current students and ask any other questions you may have. 


The purpose of the open day is for you to know if this is the right college for you and we will do all we can to give you a honest and realistic idea of what we are offering.  


For details on how to find us, click here.

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